Safety Rules: Skiing

Dear Parents, please take the time to review the following safety rules with your child:

1. Students are NOT allowed to go to the backside of the mountain.

2. Students must stay with their buddies at all times (bathroom breaks, lunch, snack, breaks, lifts, etc.) If they are in a group larger than 2, they should wait for their other group members at the tops and bottoms of chair lifts.

3. There will be parents circulating the mountain and there will be a parent on duty at the lodge/day use area. If children need assistance, they are encouraged to find a parent helper, teacher, employee of Silver Star, parent at the lodge, or wait at the bottom of the chair lift. We (teachers) will check the bottoms of chairlifts. Parent helpers, please check also and keep your eyes open for students who may need assistance. *Please let myself or Mr. Koch know if you are willing to take a shift at the lodge/day use area.

4. Students and parent helpers must meet back at the lodge/day use area at 1:00pm to be ready to pack up and leave.

We will have our cellphones on us, in case of emergency.

We hope and pray that the kids will have a safe and fun time!



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