February 27th Ski Trip: Important Info and Driving Groups

Dear Parents,

We’ve arranged driving groups for the Ski Trip on February 27th. We’ve tried to accommodate students coming from Sicamous, Enderby and Salmon Arm.

Drea: Lukas, Reece, Mr. K (KCS)

Lexi/Lindy: Malachi, Owen, Maguire, Mrs. W (Sicamous, Enderby)

Crystal Baker: Malaki, Ben, Kaleb, Andrzej (KCS)

Richard Haak: Jayden, Rhys. W (Enderby)

Mr. Jansen: Moriah, Janelle, Kadence, Ella (Enderby)

Mrs. Unger: Aaron, Rachael, Silas, Josh G., Danika (KCS)

Mrs. Meikle: Nicole, Keely, Ava, Vanessa, Chrismene, Angel (KCS)

Mrs. Montgomery: Chase, Becky (KCS) ** Blake will meet at Silver Star

Mr. Koochin: Eric, Jake, Levi (Enderby)

Mrs. Polyak: Alina, Myanna, Hannah B., Joelle, Cheyenne (KCS)

Mrs. Bastiaansen: Nathan B. Nathan H. (Enderby)

Mr./Mrs. Richmond: Mikah, Marko, Jonathan (KCS)

PLEASE NOTE: We will be leaving KCS at 7:30 am and/or Enderby Chapel at 7:50 am. Please note that this is a later meeting time. Please stick around until Mr. Koch or Mrs. Wiebe have done attendance before heading up to the mountain. 

The safety rules will stay the same.

Upon arrival, we will be meeting between the ticket booth and the rental shop. Parents and students may leave their stuff downstairs in the day use area prior to meeting.

In the afternoon, please have rentals returned and meet downstairs in the day use area for attendance at 1:30 before heading back to the school for the after school bus.

**If some of the drivers with fewer passengers are interesting in condensing their groups/carpools, please arrange this and confirm with us by Feb. 21st at the latest.

Thank you!

Also: Thank you so much to the parents, for the generosity of your time, gas, money, patience, etc. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices your making. The kids had a great time today and it means a lot to us (teachers) to see them having so much fun!

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