SR. Art

Welcome to Sr. Art!

We are currently working on detailed pencil drawings. Later, we will be experimenting with a number of techniques to create abstract, textured backgrounds on which to place our detailed figure drawings. Each student will be given freedom to plan his or her composition to fit with his or her vision, so they will also be given the freedom to purchase their own canvas. It can be as large or as small as they like (as long as it’s big enough to fit their technical drawing. Students will be given more guidance as they get closer to completing their detailed pencil drawings. Please let me know if finances, time, or anything else may cause a problem with picking up a canvas. We don’t want any barriers to impact student success/enjoyment in this course and can provide as needed!

Please also make sure that you have a sketchbook. This year, students are able to choose their own sketchbooks (big, small, pretty or plain cover, whatever they like)! That said, please feel free to send a private email to me if finances, time constraints, etc., make it difficult to attain a sketchbook. We want all of the students to have a great experience in Art this year and we are happy to provide sketchbooks if needed!